Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

BOOK VI. PARADISE LOST" x69 Now when fair morn orient in heav"n appear'd, Up role the vi8or Angels, and to arms 525 The rnatin trumpet lung: in arms they hood Of golden panoply, refulgent hdt I Soon banded others from the dawning hills Look'd round, and fcouts each coati light-armed fcour Each quarter, to cleicry the diflant foe, 531 Where lodg'd or whither fled, or if for fight In motion or in halt: him loon they met Under ipread enfigns moving nigh, in flow But firm battalion : back with fpeedieft fail Zophiel, of Cherubim the fwiftefl wing, 536 Came flying, and in mid air aloud thus cry'd. Arm, warriors, arm for fight! the foe at hand, Whom fled we thought, will f4ve us long purfuit Tills day ; fear not his flight ; fo thick a cloud He comes, and fettled in his face I fee Sad refolution, and fecure. Let each His adamantine coat gird well, and each Fit well his helm, gripe fah his wiped fbield, Born ev'n or high; for this day will pour clown, If I conjecture ought, no drizling fhow'r, 545 Bu ratting florin of arrows baib'd with fire. So warn'd he them, aware themfelves ; and loon In order, quit of all impediment, Inflant without difturb they took alarm, And onward move embattell'd : when ,behold- I 55Q Not diftant far with heavy pace the foe Approaching grofs and huge ; in hollow cube Training his devila enginry, impal'd On every fide with fhadowing tquadrons deep, To hide the fraud. At interview both hood A-while ; but fuddenly at head appear'd Satan ; and thus was heard commanding loud. A a Vanguard 510 555