Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

176 PARADISE LOST% BOOK VI. lie, in cceleflial panoply all nrm'd 760 Of radient Urirn, work divinely wrought ! Afce-nded : at his right hand, Viaory Sate eagle-wing'd ; betide him hung his bow, And quiver with three-bolted thunder flor'd : And from about him fierce effufion rowl'd 765 Of fmoke, and bick'ring flame, and fparkies dire. Attended with ten thouland thoufand Saints, He onward came ; far of his corning (bone, And twenty thouiand (1 their number heard) Chariots of God, half on each hand, were feen. 770 He on the wings of Cherub rode fublime On the chryftalline fky, in faphir thron'd, Illuarious far and wide : but by His own Fnfl feen, them unexpeCted joy furpriz'd, When the great enfign of MetTieh blaz'd, 775 Al f" by Angels born, his fign in heav'n : Under whole conduct Michael loon redued Hs army, circumfus'd on either.Wing, Under thfir Head imbodied all in one. Before Him Pow'r Divine His way prepar'd ; 780 At His command th' uprooted hills retir'd Each to his place, they heard His voice and went Obfequious; heav'n his wonted face renew'd, And with frefh flowrets hill and valley fmil'd. This law His haplels foes, but flood obdur'd, 785 And to rebellious fight rallied their Pow'rs, Infenfate! hope conceiving from defpair : In heal/lily fpirits could fuch perverfenefs dwell ? But (o convince the proud what fig-us Or wonders move th' obdurate to relent) 790 They harden'd more by what might molt reclaim, Grieving to fee His glory, at the fight Took envy; and afpiring to His height, Stood