Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

202 PARADISE LOST. Boni( VII. Their feafons : t.mong thefe the feat of men, Earth, with her nether ocean circumfus'd, Their pleafant dwelling-place. Thrice happy man ! And Ions of men ! whom God bath thus advanc'd, 626 Created in His image, there to dwell And wor(hip Him; and in reward to rule Over His works, on earth, in fea, or air ; And multiply a race of worfhippers 630 Holy and jull : thrice happy if they know Their happinefs, and perfevere upright ! So fang they, and the empyrean rung With Halleluiahs : Thus was Sabbath kept. And thy requeft think now fulfill'd, that ailed 635 How firft this world, and face of things, began And what before thy memory was done Frcm the beginning ; that poflerity Inform'd by thee might know. If elfe thou feek'ft Ought, not furpaffing human meafure, fay. 64o THE END OF THE SEVENTH BOOK. THE