Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

'262 PARADISE' LOST, Book. IX. Yet willingly chofe rather Death with thee. And am I now upbraided, as the caufe Of thy tranfgreffing ? Not enough revere, It feems, in my retiraint ! What could I more ? 1170 I warn'd thee, I admonith'd thee ; for-cold The danger, and the lurking enemy That lay in wait : beyond this, had been force ; And force upon free will bath here no place. But confidence then bore thee on ; fecure 1175 Either to meet no danger, or to find Matter of glorious tryal : and perhaps I alfo err'd, inovermuch admiring What feeni'd in thee to perfect, that I thought No evil durtt attempt thee : but I rue it8o That error now, which is become my crime; And thou th' accufer ! Thus it (hall befal Him, who to worth in women overtrufling, Lets her will rule : reltraint the will not brook ; And left to herfelf, if evil thence enfue, 1165 She firtt his weak indulgence will accufe.- Thus they in mutual accufation (pent The fruitlefs hours; but neither left-condemning : And of their vain conteft appear'd no end. THE END OF THE NINTH BOOK. T H E