Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

THE ARGUMENT OF THE TENTH BOOK. MAN's tranfgreflion known, the guardian Angels forfake Paradife, and return up to Heaven to approve their vigilance, and are approv'd, God declaring that the entrance of Satan could not be by them pre- vented. He fends his Son to judge the tranfgrefrors, who defcends and gives fentence accordingly ; then in pity clothes them both, and reafcends. Sin and Death fitting till then at the gates of Hell, by wondrous fympathy feeling the fuccefs of Satan in this new world, and the fin by Man there committed, refolv'd to fit no longer cortfin'd in Hell, but to follow Satan their fire up to the place of Man : To make the way eafier from Hell to this world to and fro, they pave a broad high-way or bridge over Chaos, according to the Track that Satan firll made ; then preparing for Earth, they meet him proud of his fuccefs returning to Hell ; their mutual gratulation. Satan arrives at Pandemonium, in full affembly relates with boafling his fuccefs againft Man ; inflead of applaufe is entertained with a general hits by all his audience, transform'd with himfelf alfo fuddenly into Serpents, acaording to his doom given in Paradife ; then deluded with a thew of the forbidden tree fpringing up before them, they greedily reaching to take of the fruit, chew dui' and bitter afhes. The proceedings of Sin and Death ; God foretels the final vi&ory of his Son over them, and the renewing of all things; but for the prefent commands his Angels to make feveral alterations in the Heavens and 'elements. Adam more and More perceiving his fall'n condition heavily be. wails, reje&s the condolement of Eve ; fhe perfilts, and at length appeafes him: then, to evade the curie likely to fall on their offspring, propofes to Adam violent ways, which he approves not, but conceiv- ing better hope, puts her in mind of the late promife made them, that her feed fhould be reveng' d on the Serpent, and exhorts her with him to Peek peace of the offended Deity, by repentance and fupplication. THE