Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

BooK I. PARADISE LOST, Our enemy, our own lois how repair, How overcome this dire calamity, What reinforcement we may gain from hope 3 y 0 If not, what refolution from defpair. Thus Satan talking to his neared mate, With head up-lift above the wave, and eyes That fparkling blaz'd ; his other parts befides Prone on the flood, extended long and large, t9S Lay floating many a rood a in bulk as huge As whom the fables name, of monflrous fine, Titanian, or Earth-born, that warr'd on Jove, Briareus or Typhon, whom the den By ancient Tarlus held, or that fea-beaft 200 Leviathan, which God of all his works Created hugeft that fwim th' ocean ftream (Him haply flumb'ring on the Norway foam, The pilot of force (mall night- founder'd skiff, Deeming fome ifland, oft, as fea-men tell, gan With fixed anchor in his fcaly rind, Moors by his fide under the Lee, while night invefts the fea, and wifhed morn delays.) So ftretch'd out huge in length the Arch-fiend lay, Chain'd on the burning lake; nor ever thence tIO Had ris'n or heav'd his head, but that the will And high permiffion of all-ruling heaven, Left him at large to his own dark defigns That with reiterated crimes he might Heap on himfelf damnation, while he fought g IS Evil to others ; and enrag'd might fee How all his malice ferv'd but to bring forth Infinite goodnefs, grace and mercy (hewn On man by him feduc'd ; but on himfelf Treble confulion, wrath and vengeance pone& 2W) Forthwith upright he rears from off the pool D