Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

LA It.: YY, AVI N OF THE ELEV1ENTH BOOK. E Cgf,0 prefents tp-bis 4er the,prayeFt of our firi par_ n repeetufg- and laterced for. hem': Gott accepts thein, 'but .d#4 declares that they muff no longer abide in Paradife; fends Michael with a band of Cherubims to difpoffefs them ; but &ft to reveal to Adam future things : Michael's coming down., Chows to Eve certain omi- nous figns ; he difcerns Michael's approach, goes out to meet him ; the Angel denounces their departure. Eve's Lamentation. Adam pleads, but fubmits : The Angel leads him up to a high hill, fets beitichiin ,,fl on at than ba:pReu toe Aood, A MILTON's