Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

1% PARADISE LOST: Boos; L At ev'ning from the top of Fefole, Or in Vald?n no, to defcry new lands, 290 Rivers, or mountains, in her fpotty globe. His fpear, to equal which the talleft pine Hewn on Norwegian hills, to be the mail Of fume great Admiral, were but a wand, He walk'd with to fupport uneafie Reps 295 Over the burning marle (not like thofe tieps On heaven's azure I) and the torrid clime Smote on him fore betides, vaulted with fire. Nathlefs he fo endur'd, 'till on the beach O that inflamed lea, he flood and call'd 300 His legions, Angel-forms, who lay entranc'd, Thick as autumnal leaves that flrow the brooks Ira Vallombrofa, where th' Etrurian fhades High over- arch'd embow'r ; or featter'd (edge AfiJat, when with fierce winds Orion arm'd 3nS Hach vex'd the Red-Sea coaft, whole waves o'erthrew 13ofiris and his Memphian chivalry. While with perfidious hatred they purfu'd The fojourners of Gothen, who beheld From the fafe fhore their floating carcafes 3 to And broken chariot wheels; Co thick bettrown, Abjeec and loft lay thefe, covering the flood, urder amazement of their hideous change, He call'd fo loud, that all the hollow deep Of helliefounded ; Princes, Potentates, 315 Warriors, the flow'r of heav'n, once yours, now loft, if fuch aflonifbment as this can feize sternal (piths; or have ye chos'n this place After the toil of battel to repofe our wearied virtue, for the cafe you find 320 To (lumber here, as in the vales of heaven ? Or in this abjed pofture have ye fworn adore the conqueror ? who now beholds Cherub