Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

BOOK L PARADISE LOST., Above them all th' Arch-Angel : but his face 600 Deep fears of thunder had intrench'd, and care Sate on his faded cheek, but under brows Of dauntlefs courage, and confid'rate pride Waiting revenge : cruel his eye, b t caft Signs of remerle and pAii n to behold 605 The fellows of his crime, the followers rather, (Far ether once beheld in blefs) condemn'd For ever now to have their lot in pain ; Millions of fpicits for his fault amerc'd. Of heav'n, and from eternal fplendors flung 610 For his cevolt, yet faithful how they flood, Their glory wither'd : as when heaven's fire Hath fcath'd he fofdt oaks, or mountain pines, With fi ged tep th,:ir {lately growth tho' bare Stands on the blaiied heath. He now prepared 615 To (peak, whereat their doubled ranks they bend From wing to wing, and half inclofe him round With all his Peers : attention held them mute : Thrice he affay'd, and thrice in fpight of fcorn, TearP, fuch as Angels weep, burft forth; at fail 620 Words interwove with fighs found out their way. 0 myriads of immortal fpirits ! 0 Pow'rs Matchlefs, but with th' Almighty ! and that ftrife Was not inglorious, tho' th' event was dire, As this place teftifies, and this dire change, 625 Hateful to utter : but what pow'r of mind, Forefeeing or presaging, from the depth Of knowledge pail or prefent, could have fear'd, How Inch united force of Gods, how fuch As flood like thefe, could ever know repulfe ? 630 For who can yet believe, tho' after lois, That all thefe puiffant legions, whole exile Hath emptied heav'n,. (hall fail to re.afcend Self-