Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

THE ARGUMENT OF THE SECOND BOOK. H E confultation begun, Satan debates whether another battel be to be hazarded for the recovery of Heaven : Some advife it, others, diffuade. A third propofal is preferr'd, mention'd before by Satan, to fearch the truth of that prophecy or tradition in Heaven concerning another world, and another kind of creature equal or not much in- ferior to themfelves, about this time to be created Their doubt who (hall be fent on this difficult fearch : Satan their chief undertakes alone the voyage, is honour'd and applauded. The council thus ended, the reft betake them feveral ways, and to feveral employments, as their inclinations lead them, to entertain the time till Satan return. He paffes on his journey to Hell gates, finds them Phut, and who fate there to guard them, by whom at length they are open'd, and difcover tp him the great gulph between Hell and Heaven ; with what diffi- culty he paffes through, dire&ed by Chaos, the Power of that place, to the fight of this newworld which he fought. ,MILrON's