Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

r 3° PARADISE LOST. BOOK H. Cceleflial virtues riling, will appear is More glorious and more dread than from no fall, And tru(I themfelves to fear no fecond fate. Me though jolt right, and the fix'd laws of heav'n Did firfi create your Leader, next free choice, With what betides, in council or in fight, Hath been atchiev'd of merit, yet this lots Thus far at leaft recovei'd, bath much more Eftabliffi'd in a fife unenvied throne, Yielded with full content. The happier flaw In heav'n, which follows dignity, might draw Envy from each infirior ; but who here Will envy whom the higheft place expofes Foremoft to (land againft the Thunderer's aim Your bulwark, and condemns to greateft thare Of endiels pain ? Where there is then no good For which to itrive, no ftrife can grow up there From faction ; for none lure will claim in hell Precedence ; none, whole portion is fo fmall Of prefent pain, that with ambitious mind Will covet more ! With this advantage then To union, and firm faith, and firm accord, More than can be in heav'n, we now return To claim our juft inheritance of old, Surer to profper than profperity Could have affur'd us ; and by what beft way, Whether of open war or covert guile, We now debate; who can advife may fpeak, He ceas'd; and next him Moloc, fceptred King, Stood up, the tirongeft and the fieictft spirit That fought in heav'n, now fiercer by defpair : 45 His trufi was with th' Eternal to be deem'd Equal in firength, and rather than be lefs Cat'd not to be at all ; with that care loft 3° 35 40 Went