Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

Modern Books Now Selling by ROBERT BELL; in Third-Street, PHILADELPHIA. . FO RDYCE's Sermons to Young Women, z vols.-- fl Meeern Work, fraught with elegant Language, and the molt fitblime Sentiment, capable ofattraRing the Heart, not only to the love, but to the praRice of Virtue, and by this means, nearly transforming Young Ladies, into beautiful Angels. Seven Rational Sermons, B,y a Lady. Bifhop Sherlock's Sermons, 4voIs. Leland the Independent, his 'Serrpons, 4. vols. Burgh's Political Dikuifitions : Containing a curious Hiftory of Mankind, and ttheir Manners, relative to Government, from the virtuous days of Greece, down to the corrupt times of George the Third of Britain, 3 vols. Leland's Hiftory of Ireland, 4 vols. Jofephus's Hiftory of the Jews, and all his other Works, 4 vols. Sterne's Works, 5 vols. Dodfley's Fables of ..fop, and other Fabulifts, with Cuts. Burton's Fables of /Efop. Brown's Pocket English Dklionary. Blacklione's Commentaries on the Law, 5 vols. The Young Clerk's Vade Mecum : or, Compleat Law-Tutor. Being a ufeful Colledion of a great Variety of the molt ap- proved Precedents in the Law, and adapted to almoft every Tranfadion in Life, wherein an Attention to legal Forms is indifpenfably neceffary. The Young Clerk's Magazine or, English Law-Repofitory: Containing great Variety of the molt ufeful Precedents of all Sorts of written Inftruments, that relate to Public Bufinefs. Robcrtfon's Hiftory of Europe, and of Charles the 5th, z vols. Home's Six Sketches on the Hiftory of Man. Cullen's Le&ures on the Materia Medica. Buchan's Domeftic Medicine : or, Family Phyfician. Van Swieten's Cures for Armies, containing feventy-two valuable Prefcriptions, with Northcote, Ranby, and Jones, on Gunlhot Wounds and Fradures. DRAMATIC PIECES. Battle of Bunkers-Hill. By a Gentleman of Maryland. Fafhionable Lover. By Cumberland. Welt-Indian. By Cumberland. Man of Bufinefs. By Colman. She Stoops to Conquer. By Goldfmith. School for Wives.- Macaroni. Sir Harry Gaylove. By Mifs Marfhall. Clandeftine Marriage. By Colman and Garrick.