Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

bG PARADISE LOST: BOOK III. Wide interrupt, can hold ? So bent he kerns On defperate revenge, that !hall redound Upon his own rebellious head. And nov Through all reftraint broke loofe, he wings his way Not far off heav'n in the precinas of light, Direaly towards the new created world, And man there plac'd ; with purpofe to affay 90 If him by force he can defiroy, or worfe, By tome fable guile pervert : and than pervert ; For man will heark'n to his glozing lies And eafily trangrefs the foie command, Sole pledge of his obedience fo will fall, 95 He and his faithlefs progeny. Whole fault ? Whole but his own ? Ingrate ! he had of me All he could have: I made him juft and right, Sufficient to have flood, though free to fall. Such I created all th' ethereal Pow'rs, 100 And fpirits, both them who flood and themwho fail'd : Freely they flood who flood, and fell who fell. Not free, what proof could they have giv'n fincere Of true allegiance, confront faith or love, Where only what they needs mull do, appear'd ; ios Not what they would ? what praife could they receive ? What pleafure I from fuch obedience paid, When will and reafon (reafon alfo is choice) Uelefs and vain, of freedom both defpoil'd, Made paffive both, had ferv'd neceffity, IIo Not me. They therefore as to right belong'd, So were created, nor can jualy accufe Their Molter, or their making, or their fate As if predefrination over-rui'd Their will, dilpos'd by abfoiute decree, I IS Or high fore-knowledge. They themfelves decreed Their own revolt, not I : if I tore-knew, Fore-knowledge had no influence on their fault, Which 85