Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

B00KIIL PARADISE LOST. 75 He heav'n of heav'ns, and all the pow'is therein, 390 By Thee created ; and by Thee threw cicwa Th' afpiring Dominations. Thou that day Thy Father's dreadful thunder dida not fpare : Nor flop thy flaming chariot wheels, that fhook Heav'n's everlafting frame, while o'er the necks 395 Thou drov'ft of warring Angels`difarraid. Back from purfuit thy Pow'rs with loud acclaim Thee only extoll'd, Son of Thy Father's might, To execute fierce vengeance on his foes ; Not fo on man : him thro' their malice fall'n, goo Father of mercy and grace ! thou didft not doom So fiddly ; but much more to pity incline. No fooner did thy dear and only Son, Perceive thee purpos'd not to doom frail man So aridly, but much more to pity inclin'd, 4°5 He to appeaie thy wrath, and end the ftrife Of mercy and juitice in thy face difcern'd, Regardlefs of the blifs wherein he fat Second to thee, offer'd himfelf to die For man's offence. 0 unexampled love ! 410 Love no where to be found lets than Divine ! Hail Son of God, Saviour of men ! thy name Shall be the copious matter of my fong Henceforth, and never (ball my harp thy praife Forget, not from Thy Father's praife disjoin. 415 Thus they in heav'n, above the harry fphere, Their happy hours in joy and hymning tpent. Mean while upon the firm opacous globe Of this round world, whole full convex divides The luminous inferior orbs, inclos'd From Chaos, and th' inroad of darknefs old, Satan alighted walks. A globe far off it feem'd, now feems a boundlefs continent 42 ci