Milton - PR3550 .D77 1777 M1

1300K PARADISE LOST., 77 Not in the neighb'ring moon, as fome have dream'd ; (Thofe argent fields more likely habitants, 460 Tranflated faints, or middle fpirits hold Betwixt' th' angelical and human kind) Hither, of ill-Join'd tons and daughters born, Firft from the ancient world thole giants came, With many a vain exploit, tho' then renown'd : 465 The builders next of Babel on the plain Of Sennaar, and Rill with vain defign New Babels, had they wherewithal, would build : Others came fingle ; he wli ) to be deem'd A God, leap'd fondly into lEana flames, 473 Empedocles : and he who to enjoy Plato's Elyfium, leap'd into the Sea, Clecrnbrotus : and many more too long, Embryoes and idiots, eremits, and friars White, Black, and Grey, with all their trumpery: 475 Here Pilgrims roam, that ftray'd fo far to leek In Golgotha him dead, who lives in heav'n : And they who to be fure of Paradife, Dying pat on the Weeds of Dominic. Or in Francifcan think to pals dilgui5'd ; 480 They pats the Planets fcven, and pals the Fix'd, And that chryftalline fphere whole balance weighs The Trepidation talk'd, and that Firft, mov'd : And now faint Peter at heav'n's wicket feems To wait them with his keys, and now at foot 485 Of heav'n's afcent they lift their feet, when lo! A violent crofs-wind from either coati: Blows them tranfverfe, ten thoufand leagues awry Into the devious Air ; then might ye fee Cowles, hoods, and habits, with their wearers toff 490 And flutter'd into rags ; then reliques, beads, Indulgences, Difpenfes, Pardons, Bulls, Tne fport of winds. All thefe upwhirl'd aloft Fly