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OF FRENCH SOCIETY. 59 sensibility or principle. She possessed all the qualities whichattract, but wanted all those which attach ; or rather, she wanted no talent but that of turning those she possessed to a better account. Not possessing the female virtues, she either did not believe in their existence, or despised them. If she wanted any vice, it was that of hypocrisy ; for she takes little pains to hide qualities which were not fit to be seen. If she possessed any virtue, it was frankness, which yet was often disfigured by coarseness, and not seldom counteracted by falsehood. She wanted all the good feelings of kindness, affection, and tenderness ; and possessed in perfection all the bad ones of ill-nature, jealousy, and envy ; but her ruling passion was a selfishness the most deeply rooted, and an egotism the most completely unconquerable. The dark and hollow character which she takes little pains to conceal, is ren- dered more broadly conspicuous by the warmth of her colouring, the strength of D6