More - PR3605 .M6 M5 1820

Title Page: Moral sketches of prevailing opinions and manners, foreign and domestic : with reflections on prayer 11
Preface to The Sixth Edition 13
Preface to The First Edition 25
Contents 43
Sketches of Foreign Manners 47
Foreign Association 49
English Opinion of French Society 89
England's Best Hope 127
On Domestic Errors in Opinions, amd In Certain Practical Habits 161
On Soundness in Judgment, and Consistency in Conduct 163
On Novel Opinions in Religion 177
Ill Effects of the Late Secession 215
On the Exertions of Pious Ladies 238
High Profession and Negligent Practice 261
Auricular Confession 278
Unprofitable Reading 284
The Borderers 296
Refelctions on Prayer, and on the Errors Which May Prevent its Efficacy 321
Onn the Corruption of Human Nature 323
False Notions of the Dignity of Man, Shewn from his Helpness and Dependence 341
The Obligation of Prayer Universal 352
Errors in Prayer, Which May Hinder Its Being Answered 368
God Our Father 394
The Doctrine of Imputed Sanctification, Newly Adopted 407
Character of Those Who Expect Salvation for Their Good Works 423
Prayer 440
Vain Excuses for the Neglect of Prayer 450
The Consolations of Prayer 469
On Intercessory Prayer 487
The Praying Christian in the World 497
The Lord's Prayer 517
Conclusion 542