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MORAL SKETCHES OP PREVAILING OPINIONS AND MANNERS, foreign ant dome tic : WITH REFLECTIONS ON PRAYER. BY HANNAH MORE. Let us make a stand on the ancient ways, and then look about us, and discover what is the straight and right way, and walk in it. LORD BACON on Innovation. I know not which is tbg greater wonder, either that prayer, which is a duty so easy and facile, so ready and apted to the powers and skill and oplortunities of every man, sl ould have so great effects, and he protractive of such ruLdity blessings ; or that we should be so unwilling to use so easy an instrument of pro- ducing so much good. BISHOP JEREMY TAYLOR, zpe tixtb Coition. LONDON: PRINTED FOR T. CADELL AND W. DAVIES, IN THE STRAND. 1820.