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70 ENGLISH OPINION . ated by the Grecian bard - pictures of female excellence and domestic virtue, which have drawn the tear of admiring sympathy from many a British .eye. The -Npoet has omitted to mention whether their valiant lords loved them the less for having spent the hours of their ab- sence in scenes of bloody warfare or perilous adventure, in mournful solitude, cheating the time in simple occupations, yet such as served to keep up the me- mory of their beloved heroes ; in one; by contriving .decorations for a living lord, or in the other, .honouring the memory of the dead one, by preparing funeral honours for his father, ingeniously deferring the detested second nuptials by nightly unravelling the daily labour, and thus keeping her promise of consent when the work should be finished, and preserving her fidelity to her lord by never finishing it. What manly English heart would not prefer the fond anxiety of the Trojan wife, which led her in secret to the is*