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L. ENGLISH OPINION the book of fame, will be recorded in more lasting characters in the book of life who, if their memoirs are not spangled with their bons mots, have yet had their good actions and holy principles embalmed in the writings of their faithful Christian friends. But we shall confine ourselves to a very few. The Lady Mary Armyne, descended from the ancient Earls of Shrewsbury, was eminently skilled in human, but especially in divine learning: But the remembrance of her talents, which ap- pear tohave been of the first order, is lost in that of her Christian virtues. Among numerous other instances of her pious exertions, she contributed largely to the support of a society for converting the Indians in New England, long before missions were thought of by her tardy countrymen. On hearing of the fatal massacre of St. Bartholomew, she in- stantly devoted a large sum to those exiled and destitute clergymen who had fled hither for protection. Her piety