More - PR3605 .M6 M5 1820

80 ENGLISH OPINION, &C. less heroic. After weeping herself blind, after the loss of her only son the Duke of Bedford, let us view her called to witness the death of her daughter, the Duchess of Rutland. After seeingher dead corpse, let us behold her going to the chamber of her other daughter, the Duchess of Devonshire, then confined in child-bed, of which the other had just died. When her only surviving daughter enquired after her sister, the mother cheerfully re- plied, " I have just seen her out ofbed !" --- It was in her coffin ! In whatever attitude, then, we consi- der the portrait of this illustrious lady, it is with fresh admiration. Each lineament derives additional beauty from its har- mony with the rest, the symmetry of the features corresponding with the just prop portions of the whole figure.