More - PR3605 .M6 M5 1820

84 ENGLAND'S BEST HOPE. steal, but to violate other commandments of equal authority ? Laws without man- ners, will not do all we expect from them : manners, without religion, will be but imperfectly reformed. And who will say that religious reformationwill be complete whilst it is chiefly confined to a single class; or deemed at least a work of super- erogation by some among the higher ranks ? There are, however, many honourable exceptions, the number of which is, we trust, increasing. Why should the poor monopolize our benevolence ? Why should the rich, in this one instance, be so disinterested ? Why should not the same charity be extended to the children of the opulent and the great ? Why should the son of the nobleman not share the advantage now bestowed on the children of his servant, of his workman, of the poorest of his neighbours ? Why should not Christian instruction be made a promi- nent article in the education of those who are to govern and to legislate, as