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THE SIXTH EDITION. Vii eminent fidelity, and uniform tenderness. His family enjoyments were the relief and solace of his public cares ; while the proverbial correctness of his court fur- nished. a model to contemporary sove- reigns, and bequeathed a noble pattern to his own illustrious posterity. He observed the law of kindness as scrupu- lously as he observed all other laws ; nor was its exercise limited to those about his person or court, but extended to as many of inferior rank as fell under his ob- servation. He was strictly punctual in the dis- charge of his religious duties, a practice which alone could have enabled him to fulfil his other duties in so exemplary a manner. The writer has heard an inha- bitant of Windsor (a physician of dis- tinguished learning and piety) declare, that in his constant attendance at the morning chapel, his own heart was warmed, and his pious affections raised, by the devout energy of the king's res- ponses. Who shall presume to say what A 4.