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13Q ON NOVEL OPINIONS Christianity. The dogmatism of the um, believer is employed for improving our faith in the religion which the unbeliever denies 1. This heterogeneous system, composed of different elements, made up of con- flicting principles, unhappily is not brought forward by the avowed opposers, but by the professed and zealous friends of Christianity ; - by religionists placing themselves much above the standard of their former pious associates with whom they once went to the house of God as friendsi by Christians so critically scru- pulous, that they can no longer go to that house at all. Novelties in the sciences and in the arts may be, and generally are, bene- ficial. Every invention may be an im- provement ; but in religion they are .delusions. Genuine Christianity is not, as one class of men seem to suppose, a modern invention ; serious piety is no fresh innovation. " That which was from the beginning declare we unto 17