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IN RIALIGION. 135 -those who think true religion a no- velty, and those who are endeavouring to introduce a novel religion, though they are the very antipodes of each other, yet it is difficult to determine which has wandered most widely from the truth. Scylla has its wrecks as well as Charybdis. Though each thinks that the only way to safety is to recede as far as possible from the other, yet, by this increasing desire of mutual reces- sion, they are in more danger of gra- dually approaching to each other, if not of finally meeting, than either intended or believed at first setting out. In one quarter we hear the most con- soling of all doetrines,-.-the doctrine on which the great hinge of Christianity turns, -rejected as false, and its de- fenders derided, as if they were adopting it to he a substitute for virtuous practice. We hear one community spoken of by its professors as triumphantly bearing away from all others the proud distinc- tion of rationality. It is a monopoly not