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- IN RELIGION. 1S7 pray with the spirit, and with the under- standing also. Though it lays hold with a firmly grasping hand on the blessed doctrine of the atonement, yet it is so- far from using this doctrine as a pretence for neglecting virtuous practice, that it draws from thence new motives, new sanctions, new encouragements. It teaches that without shedding of blood there is no remission for sin, while it de- clares that without repentance, and without holiness, there is no salvation for sinners. The sound members of this church acknowledge that there are mysteries in our religion ; but the same reason which employed its best energies in proving the Divine authority of Scripture, :has convinced them that the secret things which belong to God must be adored now, and will be fully understood here- after. The legitimate members of the church, for she has, it is to be feared, some spurious ones, are not surprised, that in a- revelation from Heaven there