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IN RELIGION. 145 are not synonymes, but shades ; - these terms, a noble climax, implying not equality, but gradation, are now in- verted. Every move in the new ma- chine seems to shake, weaken, unsettle. One pin in the old system. is pulled out after another, till the whole magni- ficent fabric, if its security depended upon them, would fall to the ground. The patriarch Jacob has shown us, in the character of his vacillating son Reuben, how destructive instability is of excellence. We are assured that the changes in these ever varying theories are so fre- quent that to confute them would be as difficult as unnecessary ; for that which by some of the party is insisted on in one week, gives way in the .next to some wider deviation ; so that he who might wish to animadvert on some existing evil must be as rapid as its in- ventor, he must catch ere she change the Cynthia_of the minute."