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150 ON NOVEL OPINIONS honour of detecting, not trifling faults, not imperfections, from which perhaps no human institution is exempt, but radical errors,' but fundamental mischiefs, affect- ing the very vitals of our religion ? If these evils really exist, if they indeed escaped the penetration, eluded the vigi- lance, and mocked the wisdom of those mighty champions, then to say those holy men were blameable, is saying little : they were indeed ideots, voluntarily to suffer a violent death, rather than renounce a church too erroneous for the new re- formers, not only in which to preach, but in which to remain. The penetrating genius of Luther seems not only to have exposed all ex- isting, but to have anticipated all future heresies, especially when he inveighs against that which declared that " The Ten Commandments ought to be taken out of the Church !" This Coryphceus of the doctrine of faith, in contradiction to the new sys- tem, says : " Faith is by no means an