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THE SIXTH EDITION. Xi promoting the moral and temporal good of our country ; persons of high rank, even of the highest, men ofall parties and pro- fessions, periodically assemble to contrive the best means to instruct the ignorant, and to reclaim the vicious ; to relieve every want which man can feel, or man can mitigate ; to heal the disturbed in mind, or the diseased in body ; nay, to resuscitate the apparently dead. Ifwe advert to the still more remark- able circumstances which distinguish this reign - while new worlds have been discerned in the heavens, one of which bears the honoured name of the sove- reign under whose dominion it was dis- covered - on the earth, Christianity has been successfully carried to its utmost boundaries. s In this reign, also, it has been our pre-eminent glory to have fought single-handed against the com- bined world ; yet, not by our own strength, but by the arm of the Lord of Hosts, England has been victorious. England, it is true, labours at present A6