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ON THE EXERTIONS, &C. 193 most piety is to be found, and who are in so many respects essentially advancing its cause. Their services are so mate- rially useful, that it would be a subject of deep regret, if, by any slight inadvert- ence, their value should ever be -dimi- nished. We are too often led to com- plain of deficiencies in religion ; we are now to speak not of its excess, for we believe there is no such thing - but ra- ther to guard the truly pious against the possibility of inconveniences, which, should they arise, would be a diminution of their usefulness. The thoughtless and dissipated indeed, who haunt unsocial crowds, and lay out their talents for this world, which they have chosen for their portion, find their reward where they seek it, in the admir- ation of that world where they flutter and shine. The others patiently wait for theirs in that single sentence, " Well done, good and faithful servant." Yet though it is painful to say a syllable which might look like disapprobation