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216 HIGH PROFESSION One of the causes to which the growth of crime among our poor has been as- signed, is the growth of our population ; and some have undertaken to prove, that it is not because they are worse, but because they are more. This same way ofjudging may, perhaps, be applied to the apparent growth of error in re- ligion - that it is to be ascribed to its vast increase. As there is numerically a larger population in the religious ranks, may there not be naturally expected a larger proportion of error. We now, therefore, venture a few remarks on another class of Christians, whose intentions we hope are not bad, though their charity is narrow, and their information small. We will distinguish them by the name of Phraseologists. These are persons who, professing to believe the whole of the Gospel, seem to regard only one half.of it. They stand quite in opposition to the useful and laborious class whom we last con- sidered. None will accuse, these of that