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THE FIRST EDITION. xvil more hope of forgiveness, and less despair of success. She does not therefore appeal to those who " Hear not Moses and the Pro- phets," but rather to those who, hearing, neglect them ; and especially to those who, in some awful instances, mis- represent them. She presumes, with re- spect and diffidence, to expostulate with some, who, though exempt from pal- pable defects in practice, yet require to be reminded that speculative errors can- not be indulged without danger ; and to intimate to others, that the practice may be faulty where there are no material errors hi the creed. Doubtless indif- ference to religion will hereafter be more severely judged, than mistakes in it, especially if the latter be found to pro- ceed from the head, as the other more apparently does from the heart. The remarks in the early part of this volume, on the excess ofcontinental inter- course, will probablybe accused ofblame- able scrupulosity, and the writerbecharged