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AND NEGLIGENT PRACTICE. e31 has been asserted, it is, we suspect, chiefly, though perhaps not exclusively, to be found in the class we have been considering. It is perhaps in consistency with some tenets they maintain, that they neglect to prepare the ground, to sow the seed and labour to eradicate the weeds ; believing that education is of little use ; trusting that whatever is good must come from above, arid come in God's own time. We, too, know that whatever is good must come from above; and that of what- ever is good, God is -the giver : but we know, also, that the ripening suns, and the gracious showers, and the refreshing dews, which descend from heaven, are not intended to spare the labour of cul- tivation, but to invigorate the plant, to' fill the ear, to ripen the grain, and thus, without superseding, to reward and bless the labours of the cultivator,