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AURICULAR. CONFESSION. 23$ men, - they insinuate themselves, by making a kind of false confidence. Un- der the humble guiseof soliciting instruc- tion and obtaining comfort, they propose to them doubts which they do not enter- tain, disclose difficulties which do not really distress them, ask advice which they probably do not intend to follow, and avow sensibilities with which they are not at all troubled. This, it is to be apprehended, is a kind of pious fraud, an ingenious strata- gem to be thought better than they are, by the lowly affectation ofappearing to be worse. They ask for consolation which they do not need, for they are really not unhappy ; but it is gratifying to engage attention, and to excite interest, These fanciful afflictions, these speculative dis- contents, after having, to the sympathis- ing friend, appeared to be removed, are poured with an air equally contrite, and a mind equally at ease, into the ear of the next pious, and polite listener ; though the penitent had gone away from