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THE BORDERERS. 251 This neutral territory has been lately seized upon and occupied by a third party, a civil, obliging, and accommo- dating people, who are so perfectly well- bred, as to be desirous of keeping well with their neighbours on both sides the boundary. They are invited to inti- macy by the gratifications held out by the one, and the reputation conferred by the other ; present indulgence tempts on the left, future hope on the right. The present good, however, is generally too powerful a competitor for the future. They not only struggle to maintain their own interest in both countries, but are kindly desirous of accommodating all differences between the belligerent powers. Their situation, as borderers, gives them great local advantages on both sides. Though they keep on the same good terms with both, they have the useful and engaging talent, of seem- ing to belong exclusively to that party in which they happen to find them selves. Ai 6