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ERRORS IN PRAYER. 323 of their own hearts and lives, some irre- gularity in desire, similar to that just mentioned, to be the cause of their dis- content, and alleged disappointment? We are more disposed to lay down rules for the regulation of God's govern- ment, than to submit our will to it as he has settled it. If we do not now see the efficacy of the prayer which he has enjoined us to present to him, it may yet be producing its effect in another way. Infinite wisdom is not obliged to inform us of the manner, or the time of his operations ; what he expects of us is to persevere in the duty. The very obe- dience to the command is no small thing, whatever be its perceptible effects. Under the apparent failure of our prayers, the source of our repinings must be looked for in the fact of our own blindness and imperfection ; for the declarations of the Gospel are sure ; their answer must be found in the grace of God in Christ Jesus, for his mercies are infallible. Wherever there is disappoint- P 6