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346 ERRORS IN PRAYER. back on every conflict we maintained with our grand spiritual enemy, every triumph over the world, every victory over ourselves ? Will not the remem- brance of one act of resistance then, far surpass every gratification now, which the three confederated enemies of our souls may present to us ? It is not merely by our prayers that we must give glory to God. Our Divine Master has expressly told us wherein His Father is glorified ; it is " when we bring forth much fruit." It is by our works we shall be judged, and not by our prayers. And what a final consumma- tion is it that obedience to the will of. God, which is our duty here, shall be our nature hereafter ! What is now our prayer shall thenbe our possession ; there the obligation to obey shall become a necessity, and that necessity shall be happiness ineffable. The various evils here enumerated, with many others not touched upon, are 15*