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360 BENEFIT OF HABITUAL PRAYER. venly Father,- " deliver us from evil," forcibly felt and sincerely expressed, may preserve us from being seduced into it. And is not the praying Christian less likely to " fall into temptation," than they who neglect to pray that they may not be led into it ? The right dispositions of the heart, and the fervour of devotion reciprocally excite eachother. Aholy temper sends us to prayer, and prayer prorndtes that temper. Every act of thanksgiving tends to make us more grateful, and aug- mented gratitude excites more devout thanksgiving. The act.of confession renders the heart more contrite, and deeper contrition in- duces a more humbling avowal of sin. Each, and all, send us more cordially to the Redeemer : the more fervent the prayer, the more entire is the prostration of the whole man at the foot of the cross.