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378 GOOD WORKS AND great measure deny him ; the other are working out their own salvation, but it is without fear or trembling ; they work in their own strength, without looking unto God to enable them " to will and to do of His goodpleasure." While multitudes are ruining them- selves by a fatal reliance on the merit of their own works, it is, perhaps, not say- ing too much to assert that more are undone by a loose, traditional, unex- amined dependence on the Saviour. If many are wrong who think to purchase heaven by their own industry, more err by this cheaper mode of an indefinite and careless reliance on the ill-understood promises of the Gospel. If we cannot, of these two evils, determine which is greater, it would not be difficult to prove that both are equally unfavourable to fervent prayer. The careless liver, who trusts in an unfounded hope, deceives himself', be- cause he thinks his trust, though he