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CONDITIONS AND REWARDS. 895 The obnoxious terms to which we here allude are rewards and conditions. We have, in general, avoided the use of them ; not for any harm discoverable in them whenused and understood in the scriptural sense, but for fear of creating an idea contrary to what was intended to be conveyed. In the legal sense they are very exceptionable, for in the one case we deserve nothing from God, and in the other we can do nothing of our- selves. We do not presume to make con- ditions with God, but He condescends to propose them to us. In this latter case, it is free grace imposes the reason- able condition : it is free grace bestows the unmerited reward. Are not all the promises of the Gospel conditional? The beatitudes include both the condition and the reward. Our blessed Saviour, in his sermon, multiplies, and individual- izes his promises. He gives us-a- string of articles of blessedness and -recom. pence; the specific recompence to the s6