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VAIN EXCUSES, &c. 405 may act upon the passions through out- ward objects, which introduce them to the mind through the senses, but the grace of God enables all., who faithfully ask it, to withstand them. If we were not at liberty to reject temptation, sin would be no sin. It is the offer of the grace of resistance not used, which makes the offender to be without excuse. All the motives and allurements to sin, would be ineffectual, would we keep up in our minds what are its " wages" - death ; death spiritual, death eternal! Of all the excuses for the neglect of prayer, the man of business justifies his omission to himself, by the most plau- sible apologies. Many of this class, active for themselves, and useful to the world, are far from disputing either the propriety, or the duty of prayer ; they are willing, however, for the present, to turn over this duty to the clergy, to the idle, to women and children. They allow it to be an important thing, but not the