More - PR3605 .M6 M5 1820

FEAR OF DEATH. 421 brought, through the grace of God, to habituate himself to earnest prayer, he will .deeply regret that he ever entered the field of battle without imploring the favour of the God of battles ; that he bad ever returned alive from slaughtered squadrons, without adoring the Author of his providential preservation. If his penitence be sincere, his prayer will be effectual. It will fortify him under the more depressing prospect of that death which is soon to be encountered in the solitude of his darkened chamber, without witnesses, without glory,without thecheer- ing band, without the spirit-stirring drum; without the tumultuous acclamation ; with no objects to distract his attention ; no conflicting concerns to divide his thoughts ; no human arm, either of others or his own, on which to depend. This timely reflection, this late, though never too late prayer, may still prepare him for a peaceful dying bed ; may lead him to lean on a stronger arm than his own, or that of an army ; may conduct