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4Q1 CONSOLATIONS OF PRAYER. to the watchful Christian as if there were in the universe only God and his own soul. It is an inexpressible conso- lation to him to feel that the one Being in the universe, who never slumbereth nor sleepeth, is the very Being to whom he has free access, even in the most un- seasonable hours. The faculties of the mind .may not, perhaps, be in their highest exercise ; but the affections of the heart, from the exclusion of distracting objects, more readily ascend to their noblest object. Night and darkness are no parasites : conscience is more easily alarmed. It puts on fewer disguises. We appear to ourselves more what we really are. This detection is salutary. The glare which the cheerful daylight, business, pleasure, and company, had shed over all objects, is withdrawn. Schemes which, in the day had appeared plausible, now present objections. What had then appeared safe, now, at least, seems to require deliberation. This silent , season of self-examination, is a