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k),(t THE PRAYING CHRISTIAN They, therefore, little advance the trite interests of mankind, who, under the powerful plea of what great things God has done for us in our redemption by His Son, neglect to encourage our active services in His cause. Hear the words of inspiration, " Be not slothful" -- " run the race" - " fight the good fight" - strive to enter in" - " give diligence" " Work out your own salvation" " God is not unmindful to forget your labour of love" - " but When you have done all, say, Ye are unprofitable servants, ye have done that which was your duty to do." But if, after we have done all, we are unprofitable servants, what shall we be if we have done nothing ? Is it not obvious that the Holy Spirit, who dictated these exhortations, clearly meant that a sound faith in the word of God was meant to produce holy exertion in His cause? The activity in doing good of the Son of God was not exceeded by His devotion, and both gloriously illustrated his doctrines,