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8 FOREIGN ASSOCIATION. judices may better be retained than cured. But be this as it may, the truth is, that to multitudes, France was not made a place of a visit, but a home. For when these wonderful productions of art were restored to the places from whence they had been feloniously taken, did that allay the hunger of emigration ? France be- came the settled residence of multitudes. France was made a scene for the educa- tion of English, of _ Protestant children ! Sons and daughters, even in the middle ranks of life, were transported thither with an eagerness, as if the land of blood had been the land of promise. And as all fashions descend, not a few of our once simple, plain-hearted. English yeo- men were drawn in to follow the exam- ple of their betters, as they are not very correctly called. The infection became general, nor has time as yet stayed the ,plague. A late French wit *, who always pre- * Voltaire.