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494 THE LORD'S PRAYER Let CommncE, then, wherever she spreads her sails, be assured, that whe- ther she carries the wealth of Ormus, or of Ind, barbaric pearl and gold from the East ; or from the West, the mines of Potosi or Peru, the most precious mer- chandize with which her vessels can be freighted, is that pearl of great price which the merchantman in the Gospel sold all that he had to purchase. Let DISCOVERY, wherever she pushes her bold and perilous adventure, where- ever she lights on an inhabited nook of land, even should she succeed in explor- ing the secrets of the polar world ; let her be assured that all the wonders for which gaping curiosity impatientlywaits, are not to be compared with the wonders contained in that Gospel, which, it is to be hoped, she will make part of her pro- vision for thevoyage. Let her be assured, that if she carries the Bible, she will, at her return, bring back no news of equal value with that she carries out; will bring back to her native home no tidings of