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CONCLUSION 497 once be the object of our adoration, and the model of our. practice ; of that truth which will never forfeit any of His pro.. mises ; of that faithfulness, which will never forsake any that trust in Him ; of that love, which our innumerable of- fences cannot exhaust ; of that eternity which had place " before the mountains were brought forth, from everlasting to everlasting He is God ;" of that gran- deur which has set his glory above the heavens ; of that long-suffering of God, who is strong and patient, and who is provoked everyday; ofthat justice which will by no means clear the guilty, yet of that mercy which forgiveth transgression, and sin ; of that compas- sion which waits to be gracious ; of that goodness which leadeth to repentance ; of that purity, which, while it hates sin, invites the sinner to return. All these attributes are his in the ab- stract. He is not only strong, but our strength, not only the giver of life, but life itself; he not only bestows, but is §al.