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30 FRENCH OPINION" rather serve to nourish it ; and instead oflowering themind, furnish it with fresh, images, enrich it with new ideas, and, aided by the refreshment of " short retirement urging sweet return," dispose it to repair with a full mind, additional spirit, replenished resources, and in- creased energy, to that more splendid society which she deems the life of life ;, that feast of intellect,, ofwhich the writer of these pages is fully disposed to ac- knowledge thepleasure and the profit?-- Those to whom, she alludes, who only hunt, and loll, and drink, and sleep at their country-seats, are not, we presume, of that race ofactive intellect, who would swell, the flow of soul by their contribu- tions, were they even tied as closely and constantly to the metropolis as the tavern- waiter who draws their corks, or the more respectable purveyor who supplies the market with their luxuries. As we presume' that there is at this time at least as much genius, and taste,,_ and literature,, at home, as in any capitals