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Or tNOLISII SOCIETY. 33 in this country, than in any other in the world. When a learned dignitary of our church enquired of one of the French emigrant clergy, who took refuge in England, if he understood Greek, he coolly replied, "Monsieur, 'zous aeons un professeur English gentlemen have not yet acquired the art of under- standing Greek by proxy. But to return to the other sex. -- Our only fear- on this subject is, lest they should not always remain what the writer in question represents them as being at present. If, indeed, we were sent into this world only to be entertaining ; if we had nothing to do but to talk, nothing to aim at but to shine, nothing to covet but admiration ; we should more readily co- incide in opinion with this sprightly lady. Agreat ancient has pronounced silence to be no unimportant art in society, and points, in a particular instance, at one man, as the wisest in an enlightened as- sembly, because he knew how to hold his. tongue. If there had not been many' c 5 -