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OF ENGLISH SOCIETY. 41 and discreet hands, they will be treated in a way to promote religion without pro- fessing it. True religion keeps the whole man 1p order, whether he be engaged in business or in company. It sheds its benign influ- ence far beyond its own sphere, and by a reflex light casts a ray on actions or specu- lations to which it has no immediate re- ference. The Christian does not go out of his way in search of wit, or embellish- ment, though he does not refuse them when they naturally present themselves, when they grow out of the subject, 'and the story is not invented for their forced introduction, nor any sacrifice made of something better than themselves. The Christian uses his talents temperately, seeks not to eclipse the less brilliant ; and had much rather not shine at all, than shine at the expense of another. The religious man in society finds means for the exercise of many Christian virtues without descanting on them, - candour, charitable construction, -patience with the